Project Details

The Eye. Acting as the eyes of things unseen, writing gives people a unique perspective. It allows readers to be transported somewhere new or into experiences they can't go on their own. Writing sees on behalf of the readers. This is why I chose to name my magazine just that, "The Eye". I discovered my love for writing in my magazine and feature writing class my sophomore year of college. I relish the art of crafting words that impact people. This magazine was created during a Digital Style and Design for Public Relations course at Auburn. During this class, I had the privilege of writing for two publications in Auburn, Extension Daily and Auburn Family. Inside, you can learn about War Eagle Productions, the rare Cahaba River lily, Auburn's inaugural Creed Week and more. My hope is that you enjoy reading, from my perspective, some of the incredible things going on in and around Auburn, Alabama. Take a peek inside!

  • ClassStyle and Design
  • Software Adobe InDesign
  • CompletedSpring 2017